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Open Cast

The founding partners of PEAK acquired an interest on the Birchall Estate in 1989.

The 300 acre property was stripped of vegetation and had just been re-formed after a long period of open cast activity.

The property has now been fully reclaimed, rewilded and prepared by the development partners for the PEAK Development.

Photograph taken by the PEAK founder in 1989

Since acquiring the estate, various iterations of PEAK Resort and the Gateway have been developed, submitted and approved for planning. The iterations were brought about as landowners and project partners navigated macro-economic changes – the banking crisis, the post-Brexit visitor economy and COVID.


Planning permission was granted in 1989 for 2,000 hotel rooms and 250 holiday cottages with an all-year round leisure, entertainment and education facilities.

This consent is the basis for all subsequent planning permissions and has been safeguarded for the future.

1989 Outline Consent

Further detailed planning applications have resulted in reserved matters permission being granted in 2008, with revisions in 2016, 2019 and 2020. Day visitor permission was added in 2005 an the A61 roundabout access was granted in 2009.

To see more details on Chesterfield’s local plan and how PEAK integrates with this:

Permitted development area

Letter of safeguard

Strategic Development Authorities