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Fully implemented the consented development sits on a footprint of just 30% of the estate, the remainder being dedicated to nature and nature connectivity.

The Gateway, Phase 1 occupies a development footprint of 10% of the estate.

All wildlife and biodiversity images on this page are taken on the Birchall Estate.


By way of the Environment Act 2021 any development on the property must achieve a biodiversity Net Gain of at least 10% on its pre-development status.

Since its opencast days the landowners have achieved an exemplar level of regeneration on the estate restoring habitats and biodiversity, with the forthcoming development in mind.

Rabbit looking across field
Owl staring into camera

Restoring and regenerating nature across the Birchall Estate has and continues to be a priority for the landowners.

Currently the Birchall Estate is home to a wide variety of bird species - 14 Red List Species, 23 Amber List Species 33 Green List Species.


The Estate is currently also home to ‘forest schools’ where the practitioner plays an important role in introducing children from typically urban environments to the natural world.

Peak Gateway Properties is also working closely with a University which is recognised as a leader in its field for nature connectivity and wellbeing.

Forest trees


To read more about the environment act and BNG legislation, please follow the links below.

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