Why has a recent Derbyshire Times article used old CGI and photos from 2017? [New]

We have not been contacted by the Derbyshire Times, however for more up to date project news and images, please visit www.peakliaison.co.uk or visit the Destination Chesterfield website.

How is Covid-19 continuing to affect PEAK? [New]

Covid-19 continues to affect the delivery porgramme by placing additional constraints on the provision of professional services and the availability of building supplies and materials.  BREXIT is also adding to the constraints imposed by Covid-19.

What is PEAK? Is it Adrenalin World, Gateway, or the Health & Wellness Park? [New]

PEAK is a place name or umbrella brand for a range of activities and facilities funded and operated by third parties.  Each activity or facility occupies a designated piece of land within the permitted development area.  Adrenalin@PEAK, the Gateway@PEAK, the Health & Wellness@PEAK are therefore all part of PEAK.

When will the private car park be available? [New]

Opening of the private PROW car park is still under review.  However, if you call 01246 291945 and leave a message after 3rd August, we are making a restricted number of spaces available.  Please book at least one day in advance.

How do I find out more about Gateway@PEAK? [New]

Please visit:  https://thegatewayatpeak.com/

Does Gateway@PEAK impact Adrenalin World and Health & Wellness? [New]

No.  Gateway@PEAK is part of the overall development masterplan.

What is happening with Health & Wellness @ PEAK? [New]

The planning application was submitted 12th March 2020.  A decision is expected at the end of the summer

What is happening with Adrenalin World @ PEAK? [New]

A) The principle precommencement conditions have been discharged to allow the development to commence (CHE/20/00094DOC – Ecology, CHE/20/00358/DOC – Ground Conditions, CHE/20/00359/DOC – Noise).

B) A re-branding exercise is underway to better reflect the centre’s indoor/outdoor themes.

C) Site and access routes have been cleared and prepared for development, and a secure construction compound formed.

D) Foundation works will be complete Q4 2020 and the facility will launch late Q2 2021.

E) Recruitment – an operating company is currently being selected.  Please contact us later in the year for relevant contacts.

Is the new cycle path and crossing on Sheffield Road connected to PEAK? [NEW]

The new cycle lane and crossing is part of a Derbyshire County Council initiative to create a network of linked routes around Chesterfield (see this link for more information).  These works are not related to PEAK, however they will connect to existing traffic free public trails within the PEAK ownership, around the Birchall Estate and beyond.

What is the mast overlooking the roundabout?

The mast provides live feed filming for marketing, communication and security.  There are a number of these installed around the property.  The technology belongs to Regenology Ltd.

What is currently happening on site?

Following discharge of the ecology planning condition, and update of the Government coronavirus guidelines for the construction industry, David Lloyd’s Adrenaline World works have re-started on site as follows:

  • Ground formation – taking place with Ecological Clerk of Works supervision
  • Construction compound formation and security – deliveries to the compound will enter the site from the A61 roundabout in accordance with planning conditions

How long will the David Lloyd’s Adrenaline World works take?

Assuming no changes to Government coronavirus guidelines and a free flowing supply chain, the Long Stop Date for the opening of this component of the Resort will be spring 2021.  The current works should take 4 weeks to complete.  Thereafter a rolling programme of construction works will begin on the Adrenaline World plot.  Construction of the consented Lower Access Road will commence in late autumn 2020.

What is PEAK Health & Wellness Park?

It is the Health & Wellness component of PEAK Resort’s proposition.  Reserved Matters approval was granted in 2008 (CHE/0892/0496) for this component.  The Section 73 Application (CHE/20/00188/REM1) is to relocate it.  Link to 2008 Consent.

Why is PEAK Health & Wellness being relocated?

To offer an improved landscape location and relationship with the holiday lodges – the opportunity to provide sensory and therapy gardens and trails linking to the Resort’s wider landscapes, as well as the on-going trail network.

Will PEAK Health & Wellness be a private hospital?

No.  It is a 5* Health & Wellness facility/retreat centred on hotel and lodge accommodation similar to the popular facilities in continental Europe.  Example.

When will PEAK Health & Wellness open?

A Section 73 Application ( CHE/20/00188/REM1) to relocate the approved facility has been submitted to Chesterfield Borough Council.  The facility has an approximate 2 year build time, however the delivery programme will depend upon the resolution of this application and any conditions thereto attached.

Will PEAK Health & Wellness Park deal with drug or alcohol rehabilitation?

No. Please see this example of what the Health & Wellness Park will offer.

Does the River Walk go through private land, or does the land alongside the path belong to the public?

The river walk is identified on Derbyshire Public Rights of Way Definitive Map as BW207.  The extent of public access is defined by the surface of the path (3 metres).  There is a further metre to each side of the path for maintenance purposes.

The land to each side of the path is privately owned and forms part of the Birchall Estate.

Are the public allowed to access the private land?

The land is private but not fenced.  During the current crisis the owner has turned a ‘blind eye’ to people venturing off the path to the river side.  The area to the other side of the path, towards the PEAK Resort, is being developed for wildlife.  For several years this area has been encouraged as wet woodland as evidenced by the species mix and the lovely songbirds.  Dogs accessing the wet woodland areas are putting this activity at risk.

What will happen to the land alongside the River Walk in the future?

The owner is keen to continue to develop wildlife activity in this area of the Estate and in particular the wet woodland.  They are however keen to consider designated areas for public art or personal places to the river side of the path.  Anyone wanting to promote ideas for use or access should contact the Estate Office on 01246 291945.  Stone painting, tree planting, forest schools, rest furniture would all be considered – lasting features and sustainable materials are critical – NO PLASTIC.  The owner would be happy to make a financial contribution where appropriate.

Has approval been granted for the Estate Access Road (CHE/19/00509/REM)?

Approval was granted on 24th April 2020.  The approval relates to the lower estate access road linking the Gateway and David Lloyd feature buildings to the new roundabout access at the A61 Sheepbridge interchange.  Users of BW207 can see the area has been cleared of vegetation in preparation for the road construction later in the year.

Has the Government shut down delayed the Development Programme?

Yes.  A number of key parties have either closed their offices or been struck down with Covid-19.  In projects of this nature a lot of the contribution comes from a widespread team of consultants, architects, project managers, accountants, lawyers.  It is envisaged enabling works will recommence as soon as it is safe to do so.  Once the team get back up to speed a new development programme will be published and placed on this website.


How will Coronavirus impact PEAK?

Like many businesses PEAK is having to adapt to the impact and implication of the Coronavirus.  The following provides an update on current activities:

David Lloyd’s Adrenaline World
Compliance with Government health and safety guidance will be paramount at all times.  Where possible enabling works currently on site will continue and unless directed otherwise completion of the secure construction compound and construction access road will be by end of April 2020.  The long stop date for launch of this Phase One component of the Resort remains unchanged at April 2021.  Recruitment and training programmes have been postponed this summer.  New dates will be announced by the David Lloyd management team once the Government’s guidelines for the construction and operation of tourism facilities become known.

Reserved Matters and Section 73 Planning Applications
The Lower Access Road Reserved Matters and the Health & Wellness Hotel & Lodges Section 73 applications are live.
We are advised planning applications and decisions will continue to be determined by Chesterfield Borough Council throughout the virus period.  However, timescales for decisions may vary, please see CBC’s website planning portal for updates.  We will post updates on this website as and when available.

Public Rights of Way (“PROW”)
PROW around the perimeter of the Birchall Estate remain open and accessible.  There is some tree damage to footpath 209 and this is currently being looked into with Derbyshire County Council.  Pedestrian gates on the PROW have been wedged open to minimise the need for contact.  As a result the Government guidelines the private car park located on the PROW network will not be opened to public use from the Easter weekend.  This decision will be reviewed once new Government guidelines become available in respect of car use and social distancing.


Will there be free public car parking for the PROW? [NEW]
COVID-19 UPDATE – Following Government guidance regarding social-distancing, the PROW private car park will not now open to public use this Easter weekend. The position will be reviewed immediately on publication of new Government guidelines.
Has the pre-commencement ecology condition for David Lloyd’s Adrenaline World been discharged?

Yes.  A survey, report and method statement was completed by ECUS Environmental Consultants and approved by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust on behalf of Chesterfield Borough Council.  Link to Discharge Notice – CBC Planning Portal.


Has the pre-commencement noise condition for David Lloyd’s Adrenaline World been discharged?

No. The background noise surveys have been completed, they will be submitted to Chesterfield Borough Council later this month with relevant design information.

Has the pre-commencement condition relating to ground conditions for David Lloyd’s Adrenaline World been discharged?

No.  Commencement was delayed due to bad weather.  Ground condition surveys commenced 02/03/20 and will complete 09/03/2020.  The resulting report will be submitted to Chesterfield Borough Council in early April.

Will the Lower Access Road and its footpaths form part of an adopted public highway?

No. It is a private road serving the Resort only.

Why has the Coal Authority raised a concern about historic coal mining?

The Birchall Estate was extensively open cast in the late 20th century, it has now been fully restored and reclaimed.  A comprehensive study and analysis of historic coal mining activities was completed by LBH Wembley for Birchall Properties in 2014 and was submitted to the Council to discharge Condition 3A of Reserved Matters Planning Permission CHE/0892/0496.  This report, however, was not submitted as part of the Lower Road Application and will now be supplied to the Coal Authority.

Will the same pre-commencement conditions to David Lloyd’s Adrenaline World apply to PEAK Health & Wellness?

Yes.  Ecology, noise, ground conditions and potentially other pre-commencement conditions will apply.

What is happening to the PEAK Gateway facility and its Hotel?

PEAK Gateway is currently being designed and programmed, a planning application is anticipated in early autumn this year.

When will the Liaison Committee re-start?

Late spring/early summer 2020 in accordance with the Section 106 Agreement.

Why is this a temporary website?
This temporary website is to inform local residents and interested parties about more immediate matters, it is a forerunner to a more comprehensive website which is under construction.
When will the full website be available?
The launch date is currently scheduled after September 2020.  The temporary PEAKLiaison site has been extended due to demand.
What is PEAK?
PEAK is a gateway place for day and stay visitorsIt will provide a serviced base from which to visit the National Park and the local area.  PEAK will offer tailored transport, equipment and guides for the pursuit of varied interests and experiences. Overnight and short stay accommodation will be available in hotel, hostel and lodge formats. PEAK will also provide all-weather indoor and outdoor leisure, entertainment, health, business and education facilities available to locals and visitors alike.
Will PEAK be like Centre Parcs?
No, Center Parcs is a stay-only gated resort comprising indoor and outdoor leisure facilities supported by holiday accommodation.
How will PEAK be realised?
PEAK will be developed around a common infrastructure and shared ‘place name.’  It will be delivered in phases, with Phase One comprising two parts.  Plots will be realised by individual developers and operators in keeping with existing Planning Consents and the overall Masterplan.
What is Adrenaline World?
David Lloyd’s Adrenaline World is Phase One Part A
Is Adrenaline World all of Phase One?
No.  The other components proposed as part of Phase One are; the Gateway Building, a 150 room hotel, a 312 room hostel, the outdoor activity lake and boardwalk.  Graded cycling trails and a multi discipline cycling school are also proposed.
When will construction start?
The Phase One A programme is scheduled to start is late spring 2020
When will Adrenaline World open?
The programmed date is 2020, subject to achieving the start date!
How big is the whole PEAK property?
300 acres, with 3.8 mile (6km) boundary
What was the previous use of the property?
For many years the property has been extensively exploited for coal, timber and leisure. Opencast for coal completed 1989.  The property was then partially reclaimed as an 18 hole golf course which closed in 2013.  Since 1989 it has been identified for the development of a tourism destination comprising leisure, health, business and education facilities.
What % of the property will be built on?
When completed, PEAK’s built footprint will occupy approximately 35% of the property.  The balance will form a re-naturalised or managed landscape.
Who is responsible for the perimeter fence?
Birchall Properties – Estate Office 01246 291945
Who is responsible for the public rights of way (PROW)?
The public rights of way are adopted and therefore Derbyshire County Council public rights of way team – 01629 533190
Will Horse boxes be able to use car park?
Yes, by appointment only.  The car park is only suitable for a limited number.
Who is Birchall Properties?
Birchall Properties are the owner of the Birchall Estate.
How do I get in touch or get involved?
There is a contact button on the temporary website. Messages posted here will be reviewed Monday and Friday.  Alternatively 01246291945
How will PEAK be accessed?
Construction, service and visitor traffic will access the site via the A61 Roundabout constructed in 2018.